Glycolic Face Wash


You asked for a liquid face wash; now you have it 🙌🏾. Our HIGHLY-ANTICPATED face wash contains skin brightening, darkspot-fading, and acne-fighting ingredients!

Perfect for all skin types. This creamy-lathering face wash gently exfoliates, deeply cleanses, and hydrates the skin leaving you with a soft and juicy face ready for the next step in your skincare routine. 

Perfect for those who suffer from:

  • hyperpigmentation
  • acne 
  • textured skin
  • large appearing pores

Warning: This product MAY cause purging of the skin for some. Noticing whiteheads is normal but will disappear within 30 days of use.


Scent: Unscented to avoid irritation to the skin

Texture: Gel-like until activated into a creamy-lather

Color: Pink

Size: 4oz (8 oz coming soon)

How to use:

  • Pump 1-2 times into wet hands

  • Add a little water and lather into a gentle foam.

  • Massage onto wet skin for 60 seconds.

  • Rinse off and pat dry.

  • Follow up with our  WWB toner to balance skin and remove excess dirt, Rosedew to hydrate the skin, and Rosehip Oil to restore moisture.