Turmeric Face Wash


Just Dropped: Turmeric Face Wash 🧡

This is the liquid version of our Turmeric Face Bar, but BETTER 💦. This face wash comes with everything you need to get rid of your dark spots for good, brighten your skin up, and improve skin texture all at the same time. 

Hello Glass Skin, Bye Pesky Blemishes. This face wash will transform your skin from:

textured 👉🏾 smooth
dark spots 👉🏾 even complexion
dry skin 👉🏾 glowy skin 
makeup 👉🏾 filter-free 

Main Ingredients:

💦 Niacinamide - improves uneven skin tone and minimizes pore appearance
💦 Licorice Root - clinically proven to fade dark spots
💦 Turmeric Powder and Extract - brightens the skin and soothes inflammation
💦 Calendula - soothes inflammation and eczema flare-ups