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✌🏾 you can use this face bar 2x a day for best results

💕 the turmeric is non staining, so don't worry about your skin turning orange!

🍪 with turmeric and bergamot oil this face bar will help fade your dark spots and get rid of hyperpigmentation

👶🏾 this bar is sensitive skin friendly, so yes you can use it babe. like all products patch test before fully applying.

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Starting off with the turmeric face bar is cool but sometimes you need a little bit more to really get the results you want.

Our Glow Kit trio comes with three products that help fade dark spots fast: Turmeric Face Bar, Turmeric Scrub, and Rosehip Oil!

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By using the Turmeric Face Bar, Turmeric Scrub, and Rosehip Oil this Melababe was able to fade her dark spots, brighten her skin, and get her face back!

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