Glow Harder™ Kit


Meet The Glow Harder™ Kit!!! Six BestSellers, One Bundle! Now you can get your entire skincare routine in just one kit! 

Here's what you get and how you'll use it, in order:

1 - Turmeric Face Bar - cleanse 2x a day with this top-rated bar to not only help fade dark spots but brighten the skin

2- Turmeric Scrub (2 oz) - exfoliate 2x a week with our new release formula that is infused with Licorice Root to help hyperpigmentation

3 - WWB Toner (1 oz) - tone after cleansing to restore your skin pH level and help remove leftover oil and dirt

4 - RoseDew (1 oz) - mist your face with RoseDew, our hydrating face mist that gives your skin an immediate dose of intense hydration

5 - Daily Moisturizer (2 oz) - moisturize with our creamy but lightweight face cream to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day/night

6 - Rosehip Oil (1 oz) - lock it all in with the "Face Crack," our non-greasy face oil that adds a GLOW layer!

All you need is this kit to start a perfect skincare routine.


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