COVID-19 Self Care Ideas

COVID-19 Self Care Ideas

3 things you can do in the name of Self-Care during Quarantine:

The “Rona” Pandemic has knocked a lot of people off of their daily schedules. Unless you are a stay at home mom or a natural introvert that never comes out the house unless for necessities lol. Anywho to help you out, here are 3 things you can do during the Quarantine.

Join a virtual fitness class:

Thank God for the internet and social media. There are a bunch of fitness instructors offering virtual classes to help people stay on track with their fitness goals. One class, in particular, is being taught by Brittany L. Hill of BackTrapYoga. She is hosting virtual yoga classes during the "Rona" pandemic so follow her so you can know when the next session is! 

Head to Pinterest and snag some healthy recipes:

Right now taking care of your health is so important. Meaning you should be eating as healthy as possible and intaking vitamins to support your immune system. Pinterest is the perfect place to grab some healthy recipes that taste good. But if you're anything like me, I like to have an actual cookbook old school style try out @Birdfoodie Plant-Based cookbook. This cookbook has a bunch of meals that are healthy for you but also yummy.

Binge listen to podcasts:

If you are working from home right now and love background noise to keep you focused, you should check out one of these podcasts.

Entrepreneur - The Strategist Jas Podcast and Level Up Podcast
Financial - His + Her Money
Lifestyle - Triflin But True and Melanated Conversations

It's easy to stay on top of self-care when you have a plan in place. I find it essential to share self-care activities that you can do during this time.  I hope this helps and you are able to pick something from this list that you can enjoy <3

P.s. Please wash your hands and disinfect your house as often as possible.

- Paula