The Right Toner for You!

Every skincare routine should include a toner. Even if you are just now starting a skincare routine. a simple skincare routine will consist of:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer

Those three products are essential to your everyday skincare routine. The thing is, when it comes to choosing a toner, it can be well, hard, and confusing. Here’s how we can make picking a toner simple.

Choose a toner based on your skin type:

This is very important and is the key to choosing a toner. If you don’t know your skin type, you can find out here. But for a recap, I’ll post a few brief descriptions of the three main categories:

  • Dry skin: Little to no moisture. tight and uncomfortable skin that lacks shine
  • Combination: T-zone has large pores. The forehead, t-zone, and chin areas are typically oily. while the rest of the face is dry.
  • Oily: Very large pores over the majority of the face. Those with oily skin typically become oily 2-3 hours after washing their face.


You want to choose your toner according to whether you have dry, normal, combination, oily or sensitive skin. 

Now that we established skin type, let’s choose a toner:

  • Dry skin: You want to look for a toner that is exfoliating and ph balancing. Ph balancing is important because when your skin ph level is balanced, it protects you effortlessly from bacteria, allergens and retains moisture. The exfoliation will naturally buff away dead skin allowing your skin to retain moisture.
  • Oily skin: you want to get a toner that’s hydrating as well as ph balancing. Contrary to the belief that if you have oily skin, you should avoid adding extra moisture. that is false! You actually want to retain moisture and add moisture so that your skin isn’t mass producing oils. Using a hydrating toner will add healthy moisture to the skin.
  • Combination skin: you can use a toner that has a combination of both or purchase two toners. You’ll just squirt one toner on a cotton ball and apply to that specific area and do the same to the second area of your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, I recommend using a toner that has very little salicylic acid in it, or you may just want to invest in aloe vera gel/liquid and cucumber essential water.


it is crucial to look at ingredients in all of your products, from food, skincare, and beauty. Check the ingredients. You do not want to end up purchasing something that will have an adverse reaction for you.

Choosing the wrong toner can flush all your hard work in perfecting your skincare routine down the drain. So follow the information above and get you the right toner for your skin type.

If you still need help choosing a toner, drop a comment below and we can chat about your needs.


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